Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Gum's Life (2009)

"A Gum's Life" has been screened in several Film Festivals:

2011 15th Annual North American All Youth Film and Education Day
2011 Soul 4 Reel Film Festival

2011 Los Angeles Student Media Festival
2010 Won The Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Prize Best Child Produced Film 27th Annual Chicago International Children's Film Festival
2010 Winner at International Student Media Festival in Anaheim
2010 Los Angeles Film Festival
2010 Reel Teens Film Festival in New York
2010 Sidewalk Moving Pictures Film Festival in Alabama
2010 Santa Cruz Film Festival California
2010 Cine Youth Film Festival in Chicago
2010 Made by Kids: ICA International Children's Film Festival Boston
2010 Newport Beach Film Festival California
2010 10th Annual deadCENTER Film Festival in Oklahoma
2010 Won the Audience Award at Screen Film Festival California
2010 NFFTY 2010 in Seattle
2010 ViewFinders International Film Festival for Youth in Canada
2009 Marlborough Film Festival California

"A Gum's Life" incorporates claymation, which is the process of altering the position of the clay characters after each frame.

Claymation is complex but as soon as we got the hang of it, we were cruising on our way to post. It is advantageous that nearly half of the film is animation and the other half takes place in the classroom.

In my opinion, the most time consuming part in filming this movie, is animating the characters' eyes. Between each frame, we had to change the position of the gums' pupils as well as carefully placing a thin piece of pink clay to make it seem as if they are blinking. The blue pupils were just a little bigger than the period at the end of this sentence. It took steady hands to stick each pupil on each of the gums' eyes. By the end of production, there were numerous blue pupils lying on the bottom of the pack of gum that were accidentally dropped during animation.

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