Saturday, May 30, 2009

Star Trek (2009)

 Star Trek is known as one of the most popular franchises. This movie shows how James T. Kirk became captain of the Enterprise. James Kirk was given birth to the day that George Kirk was granted command of the ship when the captain was requested to board Narada, which came out of a black hole and heavily damaged the USS Kelvin. George saves many lives as he stays behind during the evacuation and protects the shuttles from oncoming missiles. Just before the USS Kelvin collides with Narada, George’s wife gives birth to James.

James is now grown up and runs into Captain Pike, who tries to persuade James to enter Starfleet and possibly become captain of the Enterprise in around 8 years of studying. However, James laughs at the idea of joining Starfleet. Pike then states that James’s father saved 800 lives in 12 minutes of command and challenges him to do better. James considers this, and decides to join Starfleet the next day.

Now being a student at Starfleet for about 3 years, James attempts to pass the Kobayashi Maru a third time, which has never been done before, and this time he finally passes. However, he is being accused of cheating by alternating the computer in order to win. James meets his accuser, Spock, a Vulcan student who is half human. During the official inquiry, a rescue mission interrupted the hearing. Although Kirk has been grounded and could not join the mission, McCoy helps get him into the Enterprise on medical grounds by injecting him with a vaccine.

It turns out that the lightning storm that the Enterprise is approaching is the same lightning storm that the USS Kelvin encountered before the Narada emerged from the black hole. He informs Captain Pike and Spock confirms that he is correct. As the Narada approaches them and attacks, lowering the Enterprise’s shield percentage, Nero orders Captain Pike to come aboard. Spock is given command of the ship and Kirk is now first officer.
Spock beams down to Vulcan to save the council, including his parents, just before Vulcan implodes but in the process of beaming them back to the ship, Spock lost his mother. Millions of Vulcans died and very few of them survived. Now that Nero’s objective is complete, he heads for Earth with the help of Captain Pike. Now the Enterprise must do their best to save Earth and Captain Pike.

I just recently saw Star Trek in the IMAX theater and I was amazed by the spectacular visuals and sound effects. The actors did a superb job at portraying the characters. The script was well written and the action was continuous. This movie captured the audiences’ attention with a mixture of humor, action, suspense, and mystery and is a must see.

For people who are considering watching the original Star Trek movies, if you are looking for nonstop action, don’t watch it. However, Star Trek fans find these movies interesting for their plot and story. The plots of the original Star Trek movies are very fascinating and although the movie is older, its visuals are also breathtaking.

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