Sunday, October 30, 2011

Split Seconds (2011)

Split Seconds is a short action film based on the theme of the Rashomon effect, which is defined as a representation of three different perspectives of the same event. In order to incorporate the Rashomon technique, I wanted each perspective to have a different style.

Because of legal constraints, production of some footage had to be brought in house through the usage of green screen. Keying and masking the green screen footage complicates reflections, shadows, and depth of field since the edges need to be fine tuned. Due to creative control, I will be handling chroma-key effects and concentrating on refining the gamma thresholds. This process will ensure that dominant objects will be preserved.

Action films are complex, so be prepared for the unexpected. Especially on the last day or the last scene, which, in this case, had to be connected seamlessly when both actors were filmed separately! This was particularly in the dialogues between Sean and Driver in the car.

"Split Seconds" is one of the most costly and challenging shorts I've ever made.

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