Monday, December 3, 2012

Looper (2012)

Looper - the most original action movie in recent years that has its dark moments, bursts of violence, and dramatic scenes. In year 2074, criminals have developed a system of disposing their victims, who are sent back in time to be executed by specialized assassins known as Loopers.

Rian Johnson did an absolutely terrific job, as the style and stunning visuals are some of this film’s strongest and most appealing attributes. I love the film’s concept of time traveling, assassins, and “closing the loop”. The rules of time travel vary within each film, and in Looper, the future Joe begins to see double vision as his memories are altered based on the change of events in the past Joe’s life. When the film provides two different timelines with a glimpse of Joe’s future life in Shanghai, its montage captures the essence of a life full of crime. Also, I find it interesting how the idea of telekinesis was incorporated in this film.

One particular scene with Seth was truly memorable. Rian Johnson created such a disturbing and frightening scene with minimal gore. Rather, the music, pacing, and acting paint a gruesome image in the audience’s mind. In terms of soundtrack, I love the song used in the trailer because it matches the editing of the action sequences perfectly, delivering powerful blows and enhancing the futuristic atmosphere.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt, and Bruce Willis were fantastic in portraying their roles. It’s fascinating and quite convincing how Levitt wore prosthetics to resemble a younger Bruce Willis and how he imitated Willis’ mannerisms. I feared that the prosthetics would be unrealistic or distracting, but it was neither.

The first half of the film taking place in the city was fascinating due to the stylish directing and noir elements, which were exceptional, but waned off towards the middle. Once Joe arrives at the farm, the shift in tone seems to result in an entirely different film with more drama. Ultimately, this is a unique action film with distinctive elements that draw me into the story as I am introduced to the world of Loopers.

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